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Tres Monkey.

Hi guys!
Have you ever swam with a mermaid?
Have you ever bathed with doughnuts?
Or have you ever had to save a ballerina's foot from being stuck in soap? 
No, no & let me guess no? well guess what I have and I'm going to share it with you.

I discovered this neat little shop by the name of Tres Monkey Inc. Tres Monkey Inc is a shop ran by a family of three cool barbers. Two brothers and a sister. There goal was to create funky, cool soaps for every one around. Tres Monkey Inc creates soaps for women, men and children. for men they make things like shave kits, and beard oil. For the women they make things like sugar cube scrubs and facial mask. For the kiddos they make stuff like bath bombs and soaps. You will spend hours trying to decide what to buy trust me when I say you'll want it all. Tres Monkey products are made with some of the best ingredients such as Aloe vera, honey, lavender and so much more. Unique is the word for these amazing soaps, that you wont find in any ol regular bath bomb store at the mall. 

When I received my products in the mail I was so ecstatic. Below are the products that I received and a little bit about each of them.  

Mermaid Soap Bath bomb:
The mermaid soap bath bomb was the coolest bath bomb Iv'e ever seen. It looked as if there was a mermaid swimming! When I showed my kids they really wanted to play with it. But no it was all mamas. It fizzled and my girls loved it. It made the water look magical.

Mini Doughnut Bath Bombs set:
The doughnut bath bombs were cute enough to eat. Of course we didn't though. I let the girls use them for their bath. They had such a great time screaming in excitement as they fizzed with colors.

Shave Soap & Brush Kit:
This was pretty cool too. My husband loved using it for his facial hair, he also loved the way it felt and how smoothly it was against his skin. 

Whipped Sugar Scrub:
Who knew scrubing yourself could be so much fun right?
I used the scrub before bed and it made my skin tingle, in a good way of course. I loved the texture of it.

Tres Monkey Inc you guys are truly one of a kind! I am going to start working on buying your entire store! Seriously love you guys. Iv'e got my eye on that chap stick and facial mask next! If you guys out there reading this are looking for a fresh new outlook on soaps and bath bombs I would highly recommend Tres Monkey to ya!

Thank you Tres Monkey Inc for all our goodies!
You can shop Tres Monkey HERE

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)

(This is a sponsored post by Tres Monkey Inc.) 

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