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Wonder In A Box.

Hi guys!
Ever wonder why why the sky is blue?
Ever wondered why we don't have cars that fly?
Ever wondered why us mom’s carry the baby for 9 months and they come out looking like dad?
Maybe you've never wondered about any of these things but you know what I've wondered?
what is in Wonder In A Box?

Wonder In A Box is a box created for our little artists. It is a box made by hand with love, customized with thought and personalized just for our little's. Every box is magical and comes with a great variety of supplies. Each supply is unique and different. Wonder In A Box comes with absolutely no directions and no rules! So your little's can take every supply inside the box and use their imagination to create anything they want! Wonder In A Box brings the fun and all your little's have to do is bring their imagination!

You can buy Wonder In A Box in a
bi-monthly subscription. Every other month a new box with a new batch of fun supplies that comes straight to your door for your little's! You can even have it customized with their names on it.

We received two boxes in the mail for review. Each box was personalized with the girls name on it. I already loved the boxes for that. I handed the girls their boxes and let them open them up. At first they were kinda confused like "what do we do with this mommy?" Once I explained to do they can literally do whatever they wanted it was game on! In each box their was a different variety of crafty supplies. In

The girls spent a hour creating their master pieces and they were having so much fun. They bounced ideas off each others heads about what goes where and what they were making. They even traded crafts to one another from their boxes. In the end Ivy ended up making fun little master pieces. I even joined in the fun and made my own craft too! After the girls were done we hung all the art on our fridge. It was a great evening well spent watching their minds go to work and get creative. They created super fun art you wont find on Pintrest and I am so thankful for Wonder In A Box. So attention all creative mamas if you’re looking for something creative to get you little's into you have now found it here on my blog.

Thank you Wonder In A Box for both our boxes!
You can check out Wonder In A Box HERE.
You can shop Wonder In A Box HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Wonder In A Box.

Wonder In A Box

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