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Aria's potty training.

Aria helping color her potty chart.

Hi guys!
the last few weeks have been crazy Aria turned two years old, shes becoming such a big girl now. With being a big girl comes big girl responsibilities. Oh yeah I'm talking those two dreaded words moms don't like hearing "POTTY TRAINING".

Lucky for me this kid around I have a secret weapon and that is Ivy. While potty training Ivy, Aria was just a tiny little baby in my belly so there wasn't another kid there cheering her on and encourage her. Now whenever its time to train Aria and she actually goes, Ivy literally yells and cheers her on. While I did get Ivy potty trained it took quite some time. Nine months to be exact! So this time around I'm hoping to do it a little bit faster with Aria. Although this time around I am working full time, we're gonna make this happen. So with the help of my little secret weapon Ivy we got this. Aria has already showed so much interest into being potty trained which is one of the most important rules when potty training your toddler. Make sure him/her always shows interest, that this is something they want to do. Otherwise forcing them will be a bad thing and the outcome wont be very good. I'm no potty training expert but I did do it once so I know a thing or two. Also Ivy has never had a accident at night since she's been potty trained so yay me!

So for me this time around I'm using the same method I did when I potty trained Ivy. 

Potty board: To keep track of when she goes. 

Stickers: On one side she has "pee-pee" on the other she has "poo-poo". Whenever she goes 1 or 2 she gets to add a sticker of her choice to the board. 

M&M jar: Not only is she getting potty trained but shes learning her basic colors as well. After she adds her sticker to the board she gets to pick (1) M&M for pee-pee and (2) M&Ms for poo-poo. But before she picks her M&M she has to tell us which colors she wants from the jar. Hence her learning her colors.

Continuously doing this every day and working with her one on one with Ivy and her dad, our baby girl will be potty trained in no time. I love this method it worked with us for Ivy so wish us luck with Aria! :)

P. S my husband bought all the supplies from our local Dollar store!


  1. this is such a good idea. how is it working out?

  2. Shews a really fast learner its going well so far thanks for asking :)