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Buddy Bagz.

Hi guys!
If your kids are like mine they fall asleep anywhere. They can fall asleep in their car seats, in a chair or even on a rock hard floor. When we're out and about can't really prevent them from falling asleep whenever but when we're home and they fall asleep in randomly places we always pick them and place them in the bed. Well moms and dads gone are the days on our little's falling asleep on the floors at home thanks to Buddy Bagz.

Created by an adorable family of five who's mission is to fill family shelters and pediatric units with Buddy Bagz. The Buddy Bagz are the solution to every parents sleep over or fall asleep on the floor problems. Buddy Bagz are sleeping Bagz for little's to take with them when they happen to sleep over at a relatives or friends home.

Buddy Bagz are even great for family camping trips or hey even just sleeping on the living room floor with them. Buddy Bagz are not only snuggable but stuffable. With a bunch of cool features you'll never need to pack a overnight bag for your little's ever again.

Who eyes are bigger? Aria's or the monkey? ha.

The Buddy Bag is the ultimate sleep over kit. First off the Buddy Bagz come with a top opening which your little's can open without having to unroll their bags. They can put things inside like books or coloring crayons. There's also a secret compartment at the top where kids can stash anything they want. In my kids case that mean random toy's like barbies and LOL dolls. Unroll the bag and there is a separate overnight bag that fits 3 + days of clothes and toiletries. 

Next the Buddy Bag has a nightlight inside for ultimate brightness in the dark for your little's. Plus it comes with a pillow and stuffed animal to keep safe and warm at night. Once your little is done with their bag they can roll everything up inside of it, close it with its elastic bands and wear it! Yes like back pack! it has straps so your little's can wear their bag on their back. Buddy Bagz come in 6 different fun characters for you little's to enjoy.

We received two Buddy Bagz in the mail for review. Our box was huge and I was more excited than the girls because I knew what was coming they didn't. The buddy's the girls received were the monkey and koala buddy. They loved them, they could not stop smiling and hugging them. Ivy took the koala buddy and named her "Anna". Ari took the monkey buddy and named it "oo-oo-ah-ah". They thought their buddy's were the coolest thing ever. They loved the little flash light it came with and the fact that they can hide their toys and snack inside. 

They were so comfy I could barley get them to come out of their bagz. That night they decided to sleep in their bags.The girls loved their bagz and I loved watching them have a blast with them. If you're a parent always on the go you need a buddy bag!

Koala BuddyMonkey Buddy

Thank you Buddy Bagz for our bagz!
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(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Buddy Bagz.)

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