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Buddy Fruits.

Hi guys!
The other day I was doing that thing I do. You know that cute little thing where I pretend for two second to be a Pintrest mom. According to this blog here I'm not a Pintrest mom and I never will be but it's okay to pretend right? So while pretending to do so I looked up some fancy looking recipe for like all natural fruit tubes. I wanted to puree them up and insert them into little sandwich bags I made to resemble fruit tubes. So after two hours of fruit all over the kitchen counter tops, plastic sandwich bags full of what looked like baby throw up and a failed attempt at creating my own home made fruit tubes I figured I should probably leave this up to the pros. Hello, Buddy Fruits.

Buddy Fruits are amazing healthy snacks for your little's tiny tummies. In 2008 two mamas on a mission traveled far from France to America. While traveling they realized there wasn't very healthy snacks for their little's on the go. Fast forward to 2009 and Buddy fruits was created by not only two mamas but two buddies. Buddy Fruits now in 2018 has over 30 different fruit products and not only here in the Untied States but also in places like France, Canada, Asia and Latin America.

Buddy Fruit is made with only USDA certified fruit and hand picked from family owned orchards. Created in small batches for ultimate freshness Buddy Fruit doesn't use any artificial preservatives or coloring. Instead Buddy Fruit is made with only natural ingredients from some of our little's favorite fruits such as mango's, apples, and strawberries. Plus even some of their favorite veggies like spinach! Buddy Fruit is also made gluten and diary free. They even come in BPA free packaging and the pouches ans tubes are totally recyclable.

Never again will I pretend to be a Pintrest mom and try to recreate a recipe.. that's a lie I definitely will. But my days of trying to puree all natural fruit tubes are over because I now have Buddy Fruits. My girls really liked these, and ill admit I did too. Ill be honest I never really taste test my kids food very much (unless its french fries..what gotta make sure they're not hot ha, ha). But I tasted these and they were so good. I'll be packing up the diaper bag with these from now on when were on the go.

Thank you Buddy Fruits for our treats!
You can check out all things Buddy Fruits HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Buddy Fruits.)

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