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Crayon Easter bunny.

Hi guys!
Easter is only a few days away we are getting so close! we are totally busting out all of the Easter crafts over here and I couldn't be more excited. In today's post I am going to show you guys how to make Easter bunny crayons in just four easy steps.

This post was inspired by a blog post from Made To Be A Momma (read it here). First off to make your crayons you will need these supplies below:

Coloring crayons which you can find here
Mini bunny baking mold which you can find here
Glitter which you can find here

Of course you can buy these supplies anywhere, but I went to Target. This whole project only cost me about $10 and was super easy and fun to make. 

First I pre heated the oven to 400 degrees. It's important to do this step first, because while you're prepping the crayons the oven can heat. Next the girls and I took off all of the paper on the crayons. It only took a few minutes. After this we broke all of the crayons into small pieces and sprinkled a little bit of glitter on them. 

The glitter is fun and gave the crayons a sparkly effect. Once this was done we inserted the pieces into the bunny mold. We then put the mold on a tray and let the crayons bake for 10-15 minutes. Don't be alarmed when they come out still soft and jiggle. It's totally normal. We let them cool off for a hour before they we're ready to be used. Then hooray! our bunny crayons we're ready for coloring

The girls loved them a lot. They drew a bunch of pictures with them and they even pretend to make them talk like little bunny dolls. This craft was easy, simple, fun and festive. Be sure to hop back here and let me know if you try it with your little bunnies. 


  1. These are adorable! My daughter would get a kick out of these.

    1. So let me just tell you how much I love your name because you have the same name as my daughter lol, Also let m e know how they turn out if you make them! :)

  2. Thanks for this we’re on spring break this week and so far it’s a cold rainy one I need all the ideas to keep these kids from driving me insane