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Disney On Ice.

Hi guys!
Recognize any of these quotes below?
"Reach for the sky!
"Some people are worth waiting for."
"Today's special moments are tomorrows memories."
"There are a lot of things to be happy about."
If these adorable quotes sound awfully familiar it's because they are from some of the best Disney movies of all time! And some of our favorite Disney characters we all know and love. Lucky for us Disney On Ice came to town and I was able to take my girls and my niece to go see the show.

(This is not a sponsored post) Once a year Disney On Ice comes to town and it's always a good time. My girl's love all things Disney princesses and Disney movies so I already knew they we're going to be excited for the show. We use to go every year but recently we stopped going only because I felt like we were paying for the same show every year. While the show was fun, the song's and characters never really changed. But this year they had all new songs and characters! Pus the tickets we're a really good deal so off we went!

We got there and had pretty good seats right in the middle and the show was on and live. Even though it was on ice it wasn't cold inside at all, the girls wore their princess dresses from Little Adventures  (read that blog post here.) They had every single princess and their princess perform different songs and ice skating moves. While Aria ended up falling asleep the first half of the show (that girl needed a nap) Ivy and my niece sang along to all the songs. My niece even brought her little camera and took photos.

During the shows intermission we stepped out for bathroom breaks and to buy souvenirs. The girls got crowns, toys, snow cone cups, and popcorn. After that I snapped a few photos of them and it was back to our seats for part two of the show. 

Home girl was mad I asked for a photo, when she wanted to eat her snow cone.

The girls saw Disney characters from movies like Inside Out and Toy Story. It was such a great time. 

Two weeks later and the girls are still talking about it. Thank you Disney On Ice!

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