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Easter with Osmo (coding).

Hi guys!
Guess what is upon us? That's right Easter! Easter is coming. Gosh It's so crazy to think that is it almost here. So much shopping to do! yikes don't even get me started. I have to find dresses for the girls. They have to be super fabulous of course. Then I have to choose some goodies for the Easter basket which is so hard but I am sort of stumped. What should I put in their baskets? Candies? books? or hmm maybe a super fun coding game from Osmo?

3rd times a charm right guys? I am back guy's bringing you guys my 3rd review for Osmo. Yes number 3 (you can read my first review here & my second here). Per always my Osmo family we're so helpful and sweet for this process. They reached out to me for a Easter review, so I had no problem doing another one. This time around it's all about all things Easter and Coding Awbie. 

What in the world is coding Awbie? coding Awbie is a award winning game created by Osmo that helps little's learn problem solving and logic skills. 

It's not only a fun way but also a simple way to help little's have much success in the world that is becoming digital. Plus Coding Awbie is a great way to introduce the kids to the coding world. 

With coding Awbie your little control's the game and it's main character Awbie. Awbie is a fun loving character who absolutely loves eating strawberries. With the help of your little's and coding commands Awbie goes on the hunt for a strawberry adventure. Shaking trees along the way, Awbie and your little's will be sure to find a bunch of yummy strawberries. With Awbie coding multiple little's can play along together on the same iPad at the same table. The coding Awbie game comes with 19 very high quality coding blocks that everybody can share. 

So when we received our coding Awbie game in the mail it was game on. I instantly realized this would be the perfect Easter gift for the girls. But I couldn't wait until Easter so I decide to give it to them early. They we're so happy! any time we get a new Osmo game in our house it's a happy time. We decided we would have extra fun with this and make it a Osmo coding Easter party with my nieces, Ivy & Aria's cousins (Pej, Parisah & Paris).

 The girls put on their bunny ears and we set up our Awbie coding game on the table with some fun Little Easter eggs, to keep the littlest ones entertained until their turn. They had a great time working together trying to find Awbie strawberries and learning how to code. They took turns laughing and coding. It was a pretty cool party.

If you guys want the perfect Easter gift for your little's then make sure you buy the Osmo and the coding Awbie game today! Get it in time for Easter here! :)

Thank you Osmo for our coding Awbie game!

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(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Osmo.)

Coding Awbie


  1. they look like they had such a good time! we hopped into coding right with yall! lol