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Hey dear, Spring.

Hi guys!
I am a lover of all things fall, I love the boots, love the scarfs, love weather, love it all.
Then winter comes along and messes everything up I usually love winter too but for some reason not so much this year. I am basically pretty much kinda sort of hmm.. over the winter. I am so ready for the spring.

Hey dear, Spring
where are you at? what are you waiting for? when are you coming? 

Hey dear, Floral print 
I love all your beautiful colors and patterns.

Hey dear, open toed shoes
I probably need to get a pedicure first but I am so ready to rock you.

Hey dear, Flowers
You smell so good and freshen up the entire house.

Hey dear, Weather
You are so warm and breezy, I love you.

Hey dear, Target dollar spot
I cannot wait for you to bring out all your amazingly cheap Spring decor, making me buy a bunch of stuff I really don't need.

Hey dear, family outing
I'm dreaming of warm bike rides and picnics in the park with my family (no jackets allowed).

Hey dear running,
I cant wait until it's warm enough to be able to run outside again.. running on the tread mill with Nextflix isn't the same.

Hey dear until next time..

Shirt from: Target.
Pants from: Express.
Boots from: Shiekh
(Hey dear, blogs inspired from little letters by favorite blogger Naomi Davis.)


  1. Yeah, so... I loved this. I feel the same. I'm over winter and I'm so ready for Spring. Bring it on!

    1. April showers bring spring flowers I'm so ready!

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