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Hey Sister Girl.

Hi guys!
Every Tuesday is a fun day for my little family, in the evening before dinner my husband and I pack the girls up in the car and we head off to our local library. At our library on Tuesday's outside it's half off book day so we always score a ton of amazing books for $0.25. After buying our books we head to the library child center. Inside the child center there are a bunch of learning toys. The girls immediately run and play with them they have things like ABC blocks, Picasso titles, and even a little section for a puppet show. While girls are playing and exploring, my husband goes to the DVD section to rent some of his favorite action movies. Asked for me I start looking through all the children books for the girls. I like to check out 7 different books, one for each day of the week. I like to check out books with lots of bright colors to keep the girls interest. So rambling through books I overheard some other moms talking about a book called Sister Girl & The Training Wheels. I was pretty intrigued to check it out.

Sister Girl & The Training Wheels was created and written by a extraordinary author by the name of  Nicole Fenner. Nicole wanted to create books that would motivate younger girls to help them make good choices in life and teach them their value and self worth. She wanted to be the one to open up a conversation for young girls to be able to discuss anything they want from their feelings to any issues they are having and anything in between through her books. In every Sister Girl book young girls get  taught a new life lesson and get to learn new things.

We received Sister Girl & The Training Wheels for review. I am really lucky to be able to be sitting here writing this review. Due to the fact that our mail man put my book in the wrong mail box and one of my rude neighbors decided to sit it on top of the mail box instead of bringing it to my front door. Luckily nobody took my package. I got really lucky!

Any who Sister Girl & The Training Wheels is a book about a young girl who is not only learning how to ride her bike but also learning some very valuable things from her dad along the way. I loved reading this book with my girls, it was colorful and vibrant. It had a bunch of pictures in it that my girls really enjoyed looking at and pointing too. Ivy loved it especially, since she just learned how to ride her own bike. It really brought us closer together and I loved the message behind it. I would recommend this book to every parent. Don't forget to also check out Nicole's other book "Sister Girl & The New Dress" too!

Thank you Sister Girl for our book!
You can check out Sister Girl HERE.
You can buy the book HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by Sister Girl.

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