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Ivy & Aria's birthday party.

Hi guys!
Last weekend we threw the girls their (very first of many) joint birthday party! Aria's actual birthday was (January 7) and Ivy's actual birthday is (March 31). But to save money, time and the hassle of having two parties we decide to throw one big one. We are going to continue to do it this way until the girls are old enough to say "hey I want my own party please." I will admit I was a bit scared because I did not know how we would pull it off one party  for two toddlers at the same time. But we did it! and we had such a great time too.

Planning the party I knew I wanted a unique theme. I did not want to do any cartoon characters or any typical Pintrest birthday party themes. There is nothing wrong with any of that, it's just not what I was wanting to do personally this time around for my girls. 

I wanted something simple that would represent the two of them. That's when I thought of the theme "Just the two of us" yes like the song. Ivy and Aria, Aria and Ivy. Two sisters and best friends against the world. I decided I would do their favorite colors. Ivy loves Pink and Aria loves Purple. I also decided I would have simple decorations with their cute little faces everywhere. 

The morning of the party my favorite cousin and law Shawanna and I decided to take Ivy, Aria and Kelly (her niece) out to get their nails done. We took them to a near by spot. The girls all got pink nails with sparkly-polka dot designs. After that we headed to Starbucks and then went our separate ways to get ready for the party. Shawanna was sweet enough to take all the party decorations to the venue spot for me. 

Mean while I was dressing the girls in their party outfits. I wanted to keep it plain and simple outfit wise this year. I also wanted them to be very comfortable at their party. So I went with overalls and converse. 

We got to the party a bit early to check in, which was at Climbaroo. Climbaroo is a local play place for little kids to go let loose. It is basically like indoor jungle gym which kids can come and kick their shoes off..literally and have a blast.

They also sell all kinds of yummy snacks, drinks and pizza. We had about 22 adults and 16 + little's. The kids got two hours of play time to run around and play with one another. They we're climbing, running, jumping and sliding. Some kids we're even building stuff with the the foam building blocks. It was so fun watching all the kids play and getting to interact with my friends and family.

 I was very happy because I got to see my god son Jakobi ( I barley ever get to see him.) He literally stole my heart and everyone’s at the party. After the two hours of play we moved to the party room where we had pizza, sung happy birthday to the girls and opened gifts.

The girls got all kinds of sweet gifts from Target gift cards to the coolest little mermaid blankets and a ton of toys. They will be entertained for a long time to come.

 The girls party was such a huge success, all of our friends and family members came out to celebrate with us. I'm glad my husband and Stacy (shout out to them for working the camera) took so many photos so the girls can look back on it when they're older.  

You can buy our custom birthday party favor stickers HERE.

Thank you to everybody who came and thank you to everyone who wished them both a happy birthday. 


  1. So sweet! They looked like they enjoyed their selves. Glad the 2-in-1 party worked great!

  2. Love the stickers on the favor boxes. Nice touch!

  3. their party looked like so much fun! great idea to join them together

  4. This is so cute, they both looked super happy and definitely created a birthday celebration to remember !

  5. Oh this was the party to be at looks like a lot of fun and you did so good with your simple theme

  6. The girls looked like they had a ball. They are so cute and obviously I love their names....I may be biased for one 😉