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KNIB (February).

Hi guys!
It's that awesome time of the month again, drum rolls please! Yes! It's time for our monthly review of the Kids Night In Box. This time around we are doing the February review and its all about family, family, oh yeah and more family. Per usual my family and I were super excited for our subscription. But seeing as how my hubby just had his surgery we did not include him in this month's review. Instead, we let him get some much needed rest. The girls and I took our box outside to the backyard for a little sunshine and fun time.

This months Kids Night In Box as I mentioned above was about family. In our box we received the following.

-The Story Of Us guide book.
-Me & My Family Tree book.
-Box (for family tree decoration).
-Sample music.
-Family history map.
-Puppet canvases.

The girls we're so happy when we first un-boxed everything they could hardly contain themselves! The first thing they reached for we're the snacks. Although I do like to get started on our activities first, I thought it would be okay if we ate our snacks while we did our activities. We snacked on some yummy little pretzel sticks and dried fruits. We used our pretzels to pretend like we we're building tree trunks, branches and even little family members. After having a silly time with that, we gobbled down most of our snack and started working on our projects!

I read the girls the book entitled Me & My Family Tree. I cant tell you how much I love the fact that our Kids Night In boxes comes with books. Even after our activities are long gone and done with, we'll still have a sweet book collection. So, the book Me & My Family Tree was a great one. The book was filled with photos for littles, very easy to understand, and it taught Ivy and Aria all about how our relatives are connected and why. After reading this I talked to them for a little while about how they fit in our family and why they are so special to us all.

Next I took our box that everything came in and I flipped it over on the back side. On the box was a tree and on the tree there we're spots to fill out our family tree. I filled it out as the girls watched and munched on more snacks. While filling it out I started explaining to them what I was doing. I talked about how mommy is connected to grammy (my mom), how grammy is connected to g-pa (my dad) and so fourth. They asked me a lot of questions about different family members. I was more than happy to explain to them. Both of them agreed though that their favorite family member is definitely each other. My girls are truly best friends, I love it.

Once this was done we pulled out the family map. This was actually an eye opener to me because I'm not entirely sure where each one of my family members came from, so it was pretty challenging. While going over the map I dialed up a few family members on my phone to get a better idea of where all our ancestors came from. Upon finishing this activity, the girls grabbed the markers and I helped them get to work on their puppets. They love arts and crafts. And they drew themselves.. of course. It was a good time watching them put on a puppet show about being sisters and family. I laughed so hard! Toddlers are so imaginative. To top off a fun filled afternoon, we got back on my iPhone and went to for some family sample songs. Boom! Dance party happened! I think this was the girls' favorite part. We loved February's box so much!

Thank you Kids Night In Box for our box!
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(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
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