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Little free library.

Hi guys!
scrolling through Instagram recently I noticed a ad for a place called Little free library. I love reading and I love getting my girls involved in reading too, so upon clicking the ad for Little free library I was very interested and I knew this was something that I wanted to go explore with my daughters.

This is not a sponsored post. Little free library is a non profit organization that is built to inspire everyone to be readers. Little free library set out to bring communities together and spark interest is reading for everyone in any walk of life. How does Little free library work you might be thinking?

Well Little free library is absolutely free, all you do is go to their website and type in your zip code to find one near you. Once you find one near you, you are able to go and either take a book to keep and/or drop off a book to donate. Each year Little free library exchanges millions of books. With the huge success of Little free library you can even volunteer to build one right in front of your home or in your community (click here to find out how).

I found one near us and I took Ivy and Aria to go see it. Once they got out the car they ran right up to it. "Whoa mommy it's a little house!" Ivy said and pointed. She was so excited she kept asking me if we can get inside of it. I let the girls each choose one book that looked interesting too them. This time around we weren't able to donate any books because we forgot them at home. But next time we visit a Little free library we are for sure coming prepared. The Little free library we visited even had candy inside. We had so much fun visiting Little free library and scoring free books to read. We will be back very soon!

You can check out Little free library in your area HERE.

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