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Loopy mama.

Hi guys!
Ever get tired of dropping your phone?
Ever get tired of those ugly scratches and dents in your phones?
what about those huge giant bulky cases that make your phone look like they are dressed in armor getting ready to go to war? Yeah me too, but now that I got my loopy case all those problems are no more.

Never drop your phone again.

What are loopy cases? Loopy cases are the hottest new fashionable trend taking over all cell phones right now. For nearly three years three brothers took their time perfecting the perfect case prototype. Realizing that cell phone we're getting bigger and harder to grip in your hand they wanted a new way to protect your phones without all the added bulkiness. Oh happy day! the Loopy case was born!

Hand free kisses for your hubby with your Loopy case.
The Loopy case has so many benefits to it. For starters you can easily reach your phone using one hand, just by grabbing the loop that is centered in the middle of the case. With multi-grasp it makes it easy to keep your phone safely in your hands and not falling to the ground. It's comfortable angled looped makes the Loopy case pocket friendly! So not only is it comfortable but with it's slim fit it  stays in your pockets so easily.

 The Loopy cases are extremely secure and are equipped and tested to tug up to 10 or more pounds! And with when you're done using all the fabulous features I mentioned  you can kick back with you Loopy kick stand and watch some funny Instagram and YouTube videos. Sound like a plan?

Take a selfie with your baby with a Loopy case.

Now that I've told you about all the great features the Loopy cases offer I wanna tell you my favorite things about the case. I take a million photos on a daily basis so I love that I can use my loop to making taking photos easier. Plus I love the fact that the loops are interchangeable. I can change my loop any time I please. But my most favorite thing of all is that Loopy is amazing for runners! As you all know I am a runner I run for fun, races and marathons. I hate having to wear my arm band when I run and now I don't have too! Because with my Loopy case I can run with my iPhone at my finger tips. You guys this case is bomb! buy your's  today and get in the loop!

Thank you Loopy cases for my case!

You can check out all things Loopy cases HERE.
You can buy my case HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Loopy cases.)



  1. I remember once wishing I came up with this idea because I would drop my phone like crazy when I was younger lol great review

    1. Its such a cool idea right? I wish I invented it too.

  2. I just got a new phone about 2 weeks ago! This is perfect especially with a freaking one year old!

    1. Yes girl I have a 2 & 3 year old I feel you! :)

  3. I so need one of these it’s been hard to adjust to the size of the x coming from the 6

  4. Cute AND hands free? I need this case in my life! ����

  5. loving this review! you dont know how many phones you just save lol