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Nuby stainless steel feeding set.

Hi guys!
What are some of the ways you get your toddlers to eat?  Do you make silly faces or noises? Do you bribe them with some yummy desserts for after dinner? Maybe you use the time out method? or stickers? Or maybe you just throw in the towel and say forget it? Well have no fear mamas! Nuby is here! with the Nuby stainless steel feeding set.

It's so hard trying to get our little ones to eat. They are so picky, as parents we have to do what we can to make it fun and exciting for them right? So I'm super stoked that we now have Nuby on our side. Nuby has created the stainless steal feeding set for toddlers ages 12 months + to get their eat on. With 6 brightly colored designs and characters to choose from not only will your little's want to feed themselves but they'll be wanting to do it every chance they get just to be able to use their fun utensils. This feeding set is made just right for tiny little hands and fingers to grip. Plus they are safe for baby and BPA free too!

Aria loved her feeding set, because not only was is cute but she had her own set of  tiny utensils all to herself. Aria never, ever gets to use her own knife (shes 2) so it was really fun to watch her navigate around her plate with it. They fit so well in her hands and were such a nice fit for her. Of course my kid insisted on eating ice cream with a fork and knife too. But who could blame her she was so excited, it was so cute. I think these are great and would recommend them out to any mama.

Oh & P.S our cute little flower bowl is also from Nuby too.

Thank you Nuby for our stainless steel feeding set.
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