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Nuby thirsty kids cup.

Hi guys!
I think being a mom we always try to find things to make mom-ing easier. Rather it be simple things like trying to make DIY arts and crafts or finding a play ground closer to home. Or harder things like finding healthy kid friendly recipes, and potty training. We're always trying to make mom life just a little bit easier. So when it comes to making things easier and simple, the Nuby Thirsty Kids cup is my go to thang.

The Nuby Thirsty Kids cup is the perfect cup for kiddos who like to go, go, go.
It has a nice grip and easy to tote around. Where do I even start this cup is amazing for toddlers. It's built with a super soft silicone straw that is great for little teeth and gums. It's hygienic cover keeps the spout closed and safe from those yucky germs. The Nuby thirsty kids cup was designed for toddlers like your's and mine to stop those spills and leaks before they even happen! This cup is break resistant and is made of plastic, tritan and BPA free.

My girls love their Nuby cups because they are so "cutie" as my girls say. Ivy's favorite part of her cup is the sweet pink girly, girl designs. She likes to show it off to everybody when she has it out. Aria's favorite part of her cup is the little button in the middle. It allows her to pop open the cup easily any time she wants at her own little convenience. We love these Nuby cups and we're definitely taking them every where we go!!

Thank you Nuby for our cups.
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