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Schmidts Naturals.

Hi guys!
we all love smelling good right? I mean I know I do, I love smelling my best.. honestly who loves being stinky? But I'm not really into smelling like a dark starry night or a bed of Egyptian roses. Because lets be real what the heck do those even smell like? I'm more into smelling like natural scents. You know real life scents like real roses and vanilla or lavender and sage. So of course I am loving my new products from Schmidt's Naturals.

Schmidts Naturals was created by a woman with a vision named Jaime Schmidt in the year 2010. Jaime wanted to create a product that was health and natural too. Inspired by her life long passion for body care Jamie started to develop a formula that she had in mind. She wanted it to smell great, absorb wetness and feel really good on the skin. 

Fast forward and Schmidts Naturals was selling throughout the Northwest and selling out in retail stores and online. With all the popularity of Schmidts Naturals the viral word started buzzing. A entrepreneur by the name of Michael Cammarata then joined the Schmidts Naturals team helping grow the brand new company with his skills. Schmidts Naturals became bigger than ever. Schmidts Naturals is on a mission to "change the way people think about deodorant" and boy are they doing a wonderful job of just that.

Schmidts Naturals is free of aluminium and no artificial ingredients are involved in the making. Only fresh natural ingredients and scents. Schmidts Naturals not only makes deodorant but also bar of soaps and tooth paste as well. Schmidts Naturals makes a ton of different smells from charcoal + magnesium and bergamot + lime. They even have fragrance free scents too. 

Oh and get this they come in subscriptions so you will never run out of your Schmidts toiletries again. What you do is choose which product you want, then choose the collections with options and then have them come straight to your door every month! how super convenient is that. Plus it's a really good cost. Of course everything is different depending on what you choose for your subscription.

In the mail I received a bunch of Schmidts Naturals soaps and deodorants for review. Everything smelled so amazing and all natural. Upon using them I felt so clean and fresh. Honestly the scent lasted on me for hours. Through chasing my toddlers in Target from folding 6 loads of laundry, I was smelling and feeling amazing. I am literally wearing my coconut + pineapple now which also happens to be my favorite one. I'm totally digging Schmidts Naturals and would recommend it to anyone who wants to smell real.

Thank you Schmidts Naturals for our goodies!
You can check out all things Schmidts Naturals HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Schmidts Naturals.)

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