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Soapie bomb.

Hi guys!
do you wanna know what I got do to? I got to take a trip to space. Yep sure did. I was out there in the galaxy. Floating gently through space. I had my eyes closed relaxing I was feeling pretty good. Oh until my kid came busting through the door because she had to go tinkle on the potty.

Okay, okay so maybe I wasn't exactly floating through space, but with my bath bomb from The Soapie Shoppe I felt as if I we're. The Soapie Shoppe is a amazing little shop that sells huge bath bombs! Yes these bath bombs are huge! the photos don't do them justice. With some bath bombs you even receive a surprise ring in the inside.

 The rings range in sizes from 6-8 and they are valued between $5.99-$15.00. So not only are you getting a huge bath bomb but you're getting a ring too. How cool is that?  The Soapie Shoppe makes affordable bombs that come in six different out of this world smells. You can purchase them in a one pack or a three pack. I loved my bath bomb I mean I really did feel like I was in space. It was super futuristic. I watched it fizzle and sparkle and the smell of the wild blackberry really came to life. I am very impressed with The Soapie Shoppe and would recommend them!

Thank you to The Soapie Shoppe for the bath bomb.
You can check out The Soapie Shoppe HERE.

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post by The Soapie Shoppe.

Galaxy ring bath bomb.

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