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Trolls Easter baskets.

Hi guys!
This year I told myself I wasn't going to really go all out for Easter. I told myself I was just going to make simple Easter baskets with a toy or two and call it a day. But my friend Latesia had other plans.
Latseia decided we should make our girls some DIY Trolls Easter baskets. We all know and love the movie Trolls and it's main character the pink haired Poppy. Our girls love Trolls too! from the songs to the dance movies and every line in between they've memorized it. So it was settled we were making Trolls Easter baskets.

We met up at Walmart and Target to do our shopping. For the Poppy Trolls Easter basket you need the following supplies:

Easter basket. (Walmart)
Pink tulle. (Walmart)
Blue ribbon. (Walmart)
Easter basket grass. (Walmart)
Flowers (Walmart)
glue gun. (Walmart)

Those are required to make the baskets but what you put in the basket is optional. For us we wanted to do all Trolls goodies to stick with the theme. So I put the following goodies in my baskets:

Trolls cups. (Walmart)
Trolls bubbles. (Target)
Trolls note pads. (Target)
Trolls Easter eggs. (Walmart)
Trolls blind bag. (Target)
Trolls mini toy. (Walmart)

First I added grass, and all the Trolls goodies inside the basket. Which I would suggest you do last, it would of just been easier to add everything after I did the hair on top of the basket. But it still worked out. Once everything was added to the basket how I liked it. I then started on Poppy's hair.

I found a semi long piece of cardboard in the kitchen for this part. I took the pink tulle and wrapped it around the board a few times until I ran out of tulle. Next I cut one end of the tulle and laid it all out. This is totally up to you how you want to do this. If it's easier for you to measure your tulle or just lay it out and cut it piece by piece go for it. I started wrapping the tulle in knots around the top of the basket. 

Once all my tulle was in knots I tied it into a pony tail. After this I then cut the top of the tulle to make the pony tail a little bit shorter. Next I tied a bow onto the pony tail just like the one Poppy has in her hair and I hot glued the flowers to the pony tail.

And there you have it and quick and easy Trolls Easter basket for your Troll loving toddler.
Happy Easter guys!


  1. These are too freaking cute!! I love the Poppy hair! 💖

  2. Super cute!! My kids are obsesssd with Trolls too... These are a great idea

  3. We are troll obsessed in this house tooAl! Super cute!