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6 Step Cinco De Mayo chicken tacos (O'chante recipe).

Hi guys!
Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner! A beautiful festive holiday for Spanish people everywhere! Since Cinco De Mayo is coming up I thought I'd try a 6 step Cinco De Mayo inspired chicken taco recipe. This recipe is one of my favorites and it was created by my favorite cousin named O'chante. My cousin O'chante is vegan now, but he was nice enough to still share his recipe with me to enjoy.

So this recipe is really simple and really delicious. I took a trip to Walmart with my girls and got all the ingredients for it. Everything below is what you will need.

chicken breast.
black pepper.
chicken taco seasoning.
lemon pepper seasoning. 
sour cream.
taco shells.

There were a few other ingredients in the recipe. Such as crushed peppers, tomatoes & lemon juice. I did not add these only because I was making them for the whole family, and the kids don't like hot foods. Or anything that even tastes a tiny bit spicy, so I left those out. Feel free to add them if you'd like.

So what you do is,

  1.  Clean and cut your chicken up into small pieces. 
  2. Next, you season very lightly with black pepper, Lawry's seasoning salt and (crushed peppers if you add them).
  3. While the chicken is now cooking, you can cut up your cilantro, cabbage & onions.
  4. As your chicken is cooking you can now add the chicken taco & lemon pepper seasoning. (If you decided to use lemon juice add that now too). 
  5. I like to take this time to start frying my shells. That way they are hard and crunchy and not too hot. Because at this point your food is almost done.
  6. Once you're doing adding seasoning you can now add everything you cut up in step 3 into the mix. I did not add my onions because of the kids. I kept those on the side as optional.

Add your sour cream & guacamole and that's it, you are done! and now ready to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with some delicious tacos.

Don't forget to grab yourself a nice cold margarita too. Happy Cinco De Mayo have fun!

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  1. I love tacos! These look delish, love the idea of lemon pepper seasoning !