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Angels baby shower.

Hi guys!
A little while ago I had the pleasure of going to one of my best friends baby shower for her sweet little baby girl. I had so much fun there and of course I had my camera with me and took a bunch of photos to capture the moments.

The baby shower was super cozy and intimate at her mothers home. The shower was decorated with all things pink and very girly.  I came a little bit early, so I got to spend some time talking to Angel and her mom. It was my first time getting to meet her mom she was so down to earth and welcoming. 

Once all the guest started arriving we all began to eat. The food was so delicious! We had everything from deviled eggs to meat balls and little tiny sandwiches that were almost to cute to eat.  We also got to sip of some sparkling apple cider which I had like two or three cups of, ha. 

After everyone was done eating we started the games. Prior to the games starting everyone had got a pink clothes pin. Being instructed not cross our hands or legs or we would get our pin taken. Towards the end of the shower who ever had the most pins won. I fought really hard for this one, but like every other baby shower game I really suck. I am literally the worst person ever when it comes to winning at baby shower games. We played a hand full of games I didn't win any but I still had fun trying.  

When the games we're done all us girls gathered around Angel sand watched her open her gifts. With every tiny onesie she held up my baby fever only got worst by the second. So many cute little outfits I could scream. We ended the shower eating a beautiful cake. 

This day was full of fun and love. I cant wait to meet you baby Aurielle!


  1. Baby showers are so much fun! Congrats Angel.

  2. Love baby showers! Took me back to when I had mines- the food and family was such a highlight. She’ll have these memories forever- great job putting it together.

  3. Congratulations Angel your baby’s shower food pics made me hungry!! Lol

  4. Aww thank you so much Porsha!!!! ��

  5. That food tho?! Lol I love baby showers, it’s one of the best ideas ever- to think people around you are so excited for new life and bless you beyond belief ! I still have so many un opened gifts from my shower, and still reaping the benefits of diapers and wipes which is crazy to me (my son will be 1next month lol)

  6. Everything looks beautiful! I love how intimate it was.

  7. Congratulations to the Mama and beautiful shower! Food looked so delish. Hope the baby was blessed with lots of love and gifts!