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Hi guys!
As humans we do what we can to take care of our planet and the things around us. Some of us bike to work or school. Some of us shop at Farmers markets on the weekend. Some of us drive electric cars. Some of us use Eco-friendly house cleaning products. You get the picture, whatever it is that some of do. Now we can do it personalized with Apolis.

Apolis brand was born in 2004 by two brothers of the name Raan and Shea. They thrived on the idea that business can create social change. Raan and Shea's travels made them understand the struggles that other places around the world endured. This inspired the brothers to create a business that helped the economic development for manufacturing "advocacy through industry" is what they would say. Apolis is a small group who believes that when we invest in others change is everlasting. Apolis creates so many products. Everything you can think of, from things you can wear to things you can carry, they have a abundant amount of things to choose from.

I was very happy to be able to create my own customized bag from Apolis. A market bag, the market bag is a tough carry all, brown bag that resembles the typical brown paper bag but way more fashionable. It's 13 inch's wide and 8 inch's deep. The bag is water proof and Eco-friendly. It is strong enough to hold up 135 pounds. Yes! 135 pounds! I could carry both my girls inside if I wanted too. I choose for my bag to say "Porsha's bag of good stuff". Because Porsha is my name of course and every time I head out with this I will putting good into it. I love this bag because it wipes cleans which is very important to me with little ones who get things dirty. I also love the fact that every time one of these bags are purchased it helps break the poverty cycle. Today only, I am giving all my readers a discount code to purchase their very own bag! use code MISSPORSHACUSTOM at check out.

Everything about these bags symbolize something amazing and I am very happy to be apart of that and I am very proud to carry my Apolis bag.

Thank you Apolis for allowing me customize my own bag!

You can check out all things Apolis HERE.
(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Apolis.)


  1. Amazing bag mama! Love how its personalized

  2. She could not be cuter with that bag!! Love the saying you chose as well.

  3. I love the photo with your little one inside the bag! How cute! Love companies that are doing good for the planet as well- so awesome!

  4. This bag is adorable and the message behind them is even more important.