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Backyard camping fun with Picasso Tiles.

Hi guys!
One of the things I have always wanted to do was take Ivy and Aria on a camping trip. But they were so young, now the good news is the girls are a little bit older. But why they are older the weather isn't quite "camping weather" just yet. But lucky for the girl's thanks to Picasso they got a little bit closer to that camping trip after all.

Yesterday the girls got their Picasso Tiles Camping Gear Tools Adventure Set in the mail. This is my second time being able to write a review for Picasso (you can read my first one here), so I knew the girls would have fun with the product. My girls love being outside so this was the perfect toy for the two of them. It was also something big enough for them to both share.

Picasso Tiles Camping Gear Tools Adventure Set is amazing for kids who not only like being outdoors but also have a big imagination. This set allows your little's the adventures of pretending camping in the coziness of their own home. The set comes with 20 different pieces which include pretend:

-pop up tent.
-gas stove.
-oil lamp.
-water bottle
-2 walkie-talkies.
2 plates.
-first aid kit.
-kit box.
utility knives.

with all these toy pieces your little's imagination will run wild as they set up their camp set. I took the girls in the backyard and opened up the set, the entire set came in a zipped up bag that held everything which was really convenient. I wasn't looking forward to having to put the tent together so to my surprise when it popped right open I was so happy! The girls wasted no time crawling inside the tent and making it their own. 

Aria started cooking tiny little hot dogs on the stove, flipping and tossing them as if she was really cooking. While Ivy was exploring all the toys like the watch and first aid kit. Her favorite was the whistle/flashlight. She wouldn't stop blowing it. I think she was trying to warn the backyard bears off. The girls then pretended to talk to each other on the walkie-talkies. After all the fun they pretend to fall asleep in their tent side by side. Once they were done I packed everything back up in the bag and easily zipped it up and put it away.

The girls love their camping set. It was a fun evening in the backyard and a good alternative to holding them off until we can go on a real-life camping trip. If you have outdoors kiddos like mine, this is a great toy for them! 

Your little's can test their survival skills by buying the Picasso Tiles Camping Gear Tools adventure Set  HERE.
(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Picasso Tiles.)


  1. Oh how fun! My littles want to go camping so bad....maybe be should start with backyard camping because mama dont know if she ready for real life camping 😂

  2. Amaya wants to go camping too, I think we'll start small with backyard camping too.

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