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Family photo shoot with Gleaful Photography.

Hi guys
"I have always loved the idea of freezing moments and being able to physically hold memories.I avoid posing and encourage interaction and playing. I want to see crows feet as a genuine smile appears. I want to get the redness of cheeks as jokes are whispered into ears and the love in couple's eyes."

These are the exact words from an amazingly talented photographer by the name of Alexis. This past weekend my little family and I were honored enough to be able to do a photo shoot with Alexis. Oh and let me tell you this it was nothing short of wonderful.

Alexis Gleason is a professional photographer, based in Sacramento California. Alexis specializes in "lifestyle portraits with a magical flare." A little while back I was contacted by Alexis about doing a family photo shoot. Immediately after checking out Alexis's portfolio I did not hesitate for one second to say yes! Not only does Alexis do family photos she also does weddings, couples, maternity, individuals and boudoir (you can check out her packages here).


 Once everything was finalized for out shoot we met up in a beautiful area with the most perfect lighting and tall green grass. The weather was the best for a outdoor photo shoot, we got really lucky that day. Prior to getting out of the car for our shoot Ivy and Ari both were napping and we had to wake them up. I was really nervous they would be cranky and wouldn't want to shoot. For a second they we're but, with playful conversation from Alexis they soon woke up and out of their crankiness. She was so amazing with our girls, they warmed up to her as if they had known her forever. Ivy had to potty and there were no bathrooms around. So she even let Ivy use her spare potty of her own children's she had stashed in trunk for emergencies.


 "In 45 years are we going to want to look back at rigid posing and awkward smiles, or do we want to see real happiness, the real joy and the real lives that have been lived."


While taking our photos Alexis never asked us to pose. She never made us do anything that felt weird or uncomfortable to us. Instead she let us do our own thing. She captured the moments we tickled our girls ,played ring around the rosie, and follow the leader through the grass. She captured our girls pretending to be little airplanes flying in the sky. An the story of me and my husbands first date at the fair. What Alexis did wasn't photography it was magic! I would be thrilled to shoot with Alexis a million and one more times. Her passion for photography is evident and what she does through her camera lenses is genuinely beautiful.


Thank you Alexis for shooting our family.
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(I received this service for review, but all opinions are my own.)
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  1. She did so good I bet you want to print them all

  2. Beautiful photos! Was smiling through this entire blog looking at how much fun y’all had! These are memories you’ll keep forever. Love it!

  3. Aww these are all perfect got me over here like 😁😁 the entire time im reading

  4. She did an amazing job. If I lived nearby I would be booking her. What a beautiful family!

  5. She captured your family beautifully! Loce every shot.