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Ivy and Aria's Smelly Faces.

Hi guys!
Kids are dirty.. let's face it. The little ones poop their pants and are always super sticky. While the bigger ones play in dirt and hate taking baths. Facts are facts our little humans aren't always the cleanest things and that's okay kids will be kids. So we may not be able to slap an air freshener around their necks like we do our car mirror. But.. we might be able to give them a freshly scented toy they can snuggle with. Moms and dads meet Smelly Faces.

Smelly Faces are literally oil diffusers inside a stuffed animal. Created by Sarah with the help of her mother Aroly. Smelly Faces are adorably made stuffed animals that actually have a real life smell to them. Inside of the head of each Smelly Face is a pocket and inside the pocket is what we call a brain. The Brain is a removable square that is made of 100% wool, in which you can just place a few drops of oil essentials on it and then place it back inside the head. This is where the good smell comes from making the stuffed animal face smell. Hence the name "Smelly Faces". Smelly faces are very safe for little ones, extremely soft and out of this world cuddly. Smelly Faces not only make stuffed animals but books, blankets, key chains and more.

Ivy and Aria both were lucky enough to receive their own Smelly Face in the mail for review. Aria choose the pink Smelly Face owl and named it "Ava" and Ivy choose the green Smelly Face owl and named it "Zoe-diva". They went outside and decided to play with their new "babies". They played tag, let them climb trees, ring around the Rosie and rocked them to sleep. 

The girls had a blast with their stuffed animals. I like the fact that the stuffed animals were not shipped with scent. This allowed me to add my own favorite oil to their stuffed animals at my discretion. I also thought it was pretty cute that the stuffed animals came with their own little adoption certificate. These toys are very unique I'd recommend this toy to every little have one.

Thank you Smelly Faces for our stuffed animals!
You can check out all things Smelly Faces here

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Smelly Faces.)

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  1. So cute!! I love the idea of this especially with adding your favorite EO! Great post mama!