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Rocks for Ryan (Part.2 rock party).

Hi guys!
over the weekend the family and I went to our very first kindness rock party for Rocks For Ryan. If you don't know what kindness rocks are or who Ryan is you can read more about the rocks and his story in my most popular blog post to date here

The Kindness rocks party was held at the Carmichael library and it was so much fun! The party was from 2:30-5:00 when me and the girls got there around 3:00 we were greeted by some of the sweetest volunteers. They showed us around and told us how the party worked.

There was a table filled everything we needed to get started such as rocks, paint, brushes, water and markers. We each got to choose some rocks and the colors we wanted to use. 

Once we we're settled my mother and brother in law came to join us too. We all painted a handful of neat rocks. While we aren't the best artist ever we still had fun painting our rocks. 

Once we we're done painting we went outside to spray the rocks to conceal the paint. While letting the rocks dry we got to enjoyed some Goldfish crackers, Girl scout cookies and some waters. There we're even a few left overs we go to take home with us. Another thing we got to take home with us was a beautiful birthday rock made by Mari (Ryan's mom) for Ivy's birthday. Which Ivy loved! Once the party was over we even got to go outside and hunt for rocks! 

When toddlers get restless and put gold fish in their converse oh boy.
Supporting Mari and long qt syndrome has become very near to me. I would like to thank Mari and everyone who made the kindness rocks party possible. Seeing all the families there with their kids painting rocks for such a good cause made me feel so good inside. It was a amazing time that raised a ton of awareness and I am proud that I got to be a little bit apart of that with my girls. 

Long live Ryan.


  1. This look so much fun and for a good cause!

  2. Oh I love this idea and the rocks turned out so cute!

  3. How sweet!! Looks like so much fun and I love how your family all came to support a great cause