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The Hundredth Acre.

Hi guys!
Today I am bringing you a post about the best candle I have ever smelled in my entire life. I cannot brag enough about how amazing these candles smell. I am a candle junkie. I have tried almost any and every brand you can think of and let me tell you. I have never smelled anything like
The Hundredth Acre.

I was first introduced to The Hundredth Acre through doing a review for California Found, read about that here. I loved my entire California Found box but one thing really stood out to me. That was The Hundredth Acre candles. The scent was so fresh, so light and so sweet. I fell in love with this company and their product. They don't only make candles but things like matches, pens, journals and so much more.

The Hundredth Acre is a brand inspired by the life of a writer by the name of Robert Brink. Robert Brink was a story teller who used scent to recreate memories of his pass experience with other. Robert hoped that by doing so he would help others to remember their own special memories. The Hundredth Acre brand now follows in the foot steps of Robert creating candles that will make you remember that date at the coffee shop, you're favorite holiday or even a warm summer night. I absolutely love that.

I received two candles in the mail for review I received the Yuzu candle and the Laguna candle. The Yuzu one smelled beautifully like honestly if heaven had a smell my goodness this would be it. Inspired by Japaneses citrus fruits the smell me feel as if I'm floating in a ocean of mandarins and oak moss. The other candle I received was Laguna again another candle with such a amazing smell that a newborn would be jealous, because we all know newborns smell so good. With the smell of a sea salt smell it was inspired by the actual beach in Laguna.

Each Hundredth Acre candle is 100% natural and hand poured into a recyclable glass container in Laguna Beach California, it also comes in a reusable cloth bag. With a burn time of 50-55 hours you can enjoy these amazing candles for many uses to come. Along with all of this each candle cover is hand cut from vintage literature books that are purchased at the Laguna Beach bookstore. In which the proceeds go to funding for reading programs for children. If you're still thinking about buying this and need a million more reasons why feel free to contact me personally and I'll tell you more about it. I love the Hundredth Acre, they will forever be my favorite candles.

Thank you Hundredth Acre for our candles!
You can check out all things Hundredth Acre HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Hundredth Acre.)

The Hundredth Acre


  1. I'm not big on candles but I said I was goin to start buying some...between George the kids and the dog we can use the extra freshness 😂😂

  2. These are the times when I wish you could smell things through the computer. I love candles, especially the fresh smelling ones.

  3. I absolutely love candles! These sound so awesome and the burn time is excellent- will be keeping this brand in mind the next time I pick some up!

  4. Love candles here too! So much so that I started making and selling my own! These sound great!