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The Jelly Belly factory.

Hi guys!
So me and my husband we're sitting around thinking about something fun we should do with our kids. We tossed a bunch of ideas around.. but when the idea to drive out of town to the Jelly Belly Factory came it. We knew that's exactly what we wanted to do.

The Jelly Belly Factory has free tours and parking! It is located in Fairfield, CA about a hour and some minutes away from our home. Can you say road trip? We just got a new car so I was excited to see how it would do on the drive there. I took a day off work, we packed up the kiddos and headed to the Factory.

The ride was smooth and the girls fell asleep. The hour seemed to go by really fast. Once we got there we woke up the kids and got them out of the truck. We did bring our double stroller but ended up not even taking it out the trunk. 

We went inside the line was pretty long was it moved really fast. They gave us cute little paper hats to wear and instructed us to watch a little video. Once inside they snapped a souvenir photo for us and it was time for the tour.

  The tour was a self guided walking tour throughout the entire factory. We got to see how the jelly beans we're made and the packing process. Along the way there we're TV screens with short videos about Jelly Belly history. 

While we all enjoined the tour the girls did not enjoy this part. They weren't into the historical videos they wanted to see the candy.  The tour was around 13-15 minutes long. When it was over we purchased our souvenir photo and some yummy jelly bean snack too. 

Before we headed home we ate some lunch in the Jelly Belly cafeteria and tested out some jelly beans we had bought. On our way out, prior to getting on the road some sweet strangers offered to take a family photo of us. I love being able to spend time together as a family. The Jelly Belly Factory was a fun time.

Check out the Jelly Belly Factory here.


  1. Looks like such a fun day! Who doesn’t like jelly beans and family time? Love it!

  2. This looks like an awesome day trip. It reminds me of Hershey Park in PA.

  3. What a fun trip!
    There is a bunch I would love to try,like how do they get the flavors in there?