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KNIB (April).

Hi guys!
Yeeeeeeeee-haaaaa! it's time for a Carr family hoedown! grab them there cowboy boots! lasso up the entire fam and get ready to have some country fun! In this month's Kids Night In Box, we're gonna spend a day on the farm. We got a bunch of fun stuff planned. So don't forget your cowgirl hats it's time for the April edition!

So by now as you can tell the theme of this month's Kids Night In Box is Day at the Farm. In this box parents and their little ones can experience all the fun of being on the farm right in the comfort of their very own home. My family and I wasted no time opening up this one up.

First thing was first we started off by reading our book entitled A Busy Day At The Farm. In this book, we followed some of our favorite farm animals like the pigs and cows as they embarked on a busy day on the farm. Like always I won't give away the entire book but let's just say it gets pretty tiring living on the farm. This book had really nice illustrations and it even included 15 stickers for the girls. This book was a total hit! Plus the stickers were fun also.

Next, it was time to get creative with a little out of the ordinary art project. Inside our box, we had a bunch of tiny brown pre-cut egg cartons.W e glued the cartons together and let them dry. Once they were dry we painted them and added eyes to our animals. We then added our pieces to finish the animals off. We attempted to make pigs, but the girls wanted to paint them blue.

Ever tried animal yoga? us neither so this was quite an experience. Using our farm animal yoga cards we practice our animal-like bending skills. I'll have you know I'm a master at the downward duck.. okay so that's total, not a thing but if it were id be a master.

Cheers! time for lemonade and an animal cracker. We took a small break while we used our leftover stickers from our book to create our own farm scene. Which was pretty neat. 

Ending all the fun for the night we visited With some good ol music together. This month's Kids Night In Box was super wild.

Thank you Kids Night In Box for our box!
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  1. This looks like so much fun! I will definitely have to check out the Kids Night In box when my son gets older.

  2. Love this idea! Looks so fun! I love how this box really provides everything you need for a fun adventure. We have farms everywhere here in Texas but I hardly want to visit lol! This would be great to bring it all to you in home, great blog post!

  3. Amaya would love these boxes and for all the cool stuff you get, what a good investment.