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Loveher legging.

Hi guys!
What if you could you put on a pair of leggings and not only change your life but somebody else's too? Pretty cool uh? let me tell you a little bit more about Love Her.

Love Her is a brand that was created for women everywhere. Their message to women? "Love oneself, and one another." Love Her is a brand that is all about girl power. They want to inspire and empower all women from all walks of life and challenge them to be free, content and comfortable in their own skin, admiring not only their bodies but their hearts as well. Reassurance is a powerful thing being a woman and we could all use more of that. The message Love Her brand stands behind is so crazy beautiful I almost forgot to tell you what the brand makes.

Love Her is a brand that makes leggings, created by a lovely woman named Adreana. A little while ago I had the pleasure of being able to briefly meet Adreana. I do a lot of reviews and I never get to actually meet the person behind the product face to face. She stopped by my home to deliver the leggings to me personally on her way to the gym. She was very beautiful and sweet. Adreana is a mother of two, who has learned to embrace the amazing body she has that gave birth to her even more amazing children. Here is a little history of the Love Her brand from the words of Adreana the creator herself.

"Last year we encountered a woman in downtown Sacramento that looked like she had just been released from a hospital because she was only wearing a hospital gown and scrubs that were too big for her. My husband then walked a block up to a local shop and asked if they had "stretchy pants" he purchased a pair of leggings and when he returned we gave them to her. The moment we handed them to her; her face lit up and she said: “thank you for the love”. That is when we realized that we wanted to do something to help other women in need. We ended up naming our company “Love Her” after realizing that that day that woman just needed someone to show her a little bit of love. My husband is an engineer so together we designed and engineered our leggings. We now sell our leggings for $50. For one pair and you get one free. Our customers choose to keep, share or donate the second free legging. We want women to share the love with a friend or a stranger. We currently have about 30% of our customers that do donate the second legging. Currently, we donate the monetary amount of donated leggings at the end of each month to them."

Now if that story isn't loving then I'm not sure what is. The Love Her brand creates many types of leggings in 8 different colors. They rang is size small 2-4 all the way up to x-large 12-16.  The leggings are a 4-way stretch and are also high waisted. They are dry fit with contour stitching and have pockets to store your phone or debit card. These leggings also are not see through so you won't have to worry about anybody looking at anything you are uncomfortable with.  As Adreana mentioned above the leggings are made with a very special purpose. But 1 pair and get the 2nd pair for free to donate or pass along to a fellow friend. 

I am thankful enough to have received two pairs, a black pair, and a pink pair (not pictured). I found that exercising in them were very comfortable. I did not have to worry about them falling down or anybody seeing my undies underneath. They were easy to move in too. They are perfect for working out or even just lounging. I love the fact that the colors did not look washed out or faded after washing them. but my favorite part was that I did receive two so I will also be donating my second pair as well :)  Oh and lucky you cause we are giving away a pair! 

It’s giveaway time! I’ve teamed up with @Lovehershop to give one lucky winner their very own pair of legging! the winner picks their own size and color!
To enter for a chance to win, all you have to do is follow the steps below:
1. Follow @Lovehershop & @missporsha on Instagram.
2. Tag 2 friends below (the more you tag the more entries)
3. Tell us one thing you love about yourself.

Giveaway ends 05/22 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be notified 05/23! Good luck

These leggings and brand are amazing and did I mention local in Sacramento too? Do yourself, a friend or stranger a favor and purchase some Love Her leggings.

Thank you Love Her leggings for my leggings!
You can check out all things Love Her HERE.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Love Her.)

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  1. What a great idea to help other women in need. These leggings are super cute!