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8 Things to do this summer with kids in (Sacramento edition).

Hi guys!
Summer is right around the corner and I am sure we are all looking for some super fun things to do with our little ones. I plan to write a blog later on about fun things to do in summer with your little ones, but for today's blog post I am bringing you 8 things to do this summer with kids in Sacramento. This one is for all my local Sacramento parents out there.

1. Michael's Crafts: June 20 2018 10:00 pm -12:00 pm
Located at Michael's craft store in Natomas for kiddos ages 3 and up head on over and create some super cute and super fun colorful craft stick ornaments. You can sign your little ones up online ahead of time or just drop in the store.

2. Ice cream family splash: July 6 2018 5:30 - 8:00 pm
This event is actually pretty unique and will be held at Rutter Swim Center. You and your kids can enjoy a nice dip in the pool together while grubbing on all you can eat ice cream sundaes! I scream you scream! we all scream to ice cream!
Check it out here.

3. 101 dalmatians theater: July 8 2018 1:00 pm - TBD
This fun theater production will be held at Sutter Street Theater in Folsom. With a live version of one of the best kids movies ever, this will be a fun time for the whole family.
Check it out here.

4. Yoga Play:  July 18 2018 3:30 - TBD
Yoga Play is at the children museum located in Rancho Cordova. Kids ages 4 and  up can go and get their yoga on. With things like games, stories and exploring little ones postures it's sure to be a relaxing time. Namaste hey! you can click the link below to find out more information and learn about more events.
Check it out here.

5. California state fair: July 13 - July 29 2018 time varies
Located at Cal Expo take a ride on the wild side and head to a family tradition of a trip to the states fair. Per usual fun rides and corn dogs are a must. Plus don't forget all the cool shows and cute animals.
Check it out here.

6. Fairytale town, family camp out: July 21 2018 5:30 pm - 7:00 am
This event will be at Fairytale Town of course. Right on Land park drive this will be a night to remember. You and your little ones will be sleeping among the stars overnight. With scavenger hunts, games and a ton more this will be so much fun.
Check it out here.

7. Movie night in the park: August 3 2018 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Who doesn't love the movie Coco? I know my kids do. They know all the songs. So visit Land park this summer and your blankets. Relax in the park and enjoy Coco. 
Check it out here.

8. Banana festival: August 12 - 13 2018 time varies
My family and I attended this last year. It was pretty cool. Located in William Land Park, not only are you having a great time hanging out in the sun but your also getting to experience all things bananas! Also some amazing rides fort the kiddos too. 
Check it out here.

Will you guys be at any of these fun things this summer? I know me and my girls will. If you see us, say hello! :)  Happy summer-ing!


  1. Oh how fun! This will be so helpful for moms in your city...even moms in other cities to honest...it may not be your exact spots but great inspo to find similar places where those moms are from.

  2. I’m always trying to figure out what to do! So this is such a great post for locals ! I love going to festivals !

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