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Ivy says.

Hi guys!
Today I am back with another blog post of "Ivy Says" this is one of my favorite post to write because Ivy is so funny, and she has no idea. Check out what Ivy's been saying below.

"You can do it be brave like super man!"
When I told her I was going to fix the WiFi.

"You're going down!"
 When Aria made her mad.

"I'm a big girl now! I don't pee on myself."
When I told her she was to little go to a club.

"Mommy look at the matching dogs!"
When a lady walked by with two dogs that looked the same."

"We're gonna go outside and talk, if you let me out of my car seat."
Trying to convince me to get out the car and play in the parking lot.

"Daughter! dinner time, what's for dinner? Pancakes & cheese."
While playing house with her dolls.

"Mommy something doesn't feel right.. look I've grown!"
When she woke up one morning after checking herself out in the mirror.

"I don't want to watch that dirty little TV!'
When her dad asked her if she wanted to watch Netflix.

“But why? It’s the movie fevers.”
When I told her she couldn’t turn off the lights watching lalaloopsy.

"No, my dolls are balax-ing."
When me and my husband asked her if she meant her dolls we're relaxing.


  1. LOL! “I don’t wanna watch that dirty little tv” was my fav lol kids really say the darndest things !

    1. Lol I was like hmm why the tv have to be dirty though?