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Life with my Lily Jade.

Hi guys!
When I first found out I was pregnant with Ivy my first born I did a bunch of research. I researched bottles, clothing, car seats you name it. In doing my research I came across a diaper bag. It was the most beautiful diaper bag I had ever seen. Not only was it a diaper bag but also doubled as a purse, backpack, and carrier. This bag was everything; this bag was a Lily Jade.

Lilly Jade is a bag created for mothers everywhere. Meggan Wood Co-founder of Lily Jade decide when she was pregnant with her first child she did not just want any ordinary department store diaper bag. No, what she wanted was something more fabulous. Meggan wanted a bag that not only was stylish but also well-organized too. She wanted it for play by day you know going on play dates and doctor's appointments with your little's. Or Fun by night going on dinner dates with your hubby or a girl's night with your girlfriends. With limited options for diaper bags like this Meggan and her husband designed a diverse bag that could do it all, and Lilly Jade was born.

Lily Jade makes over 20 different bags, ranging in sizes and multiple colors. They even make things like travel totes, wallets, wristlets and so much more. If you can dream it then Lily Jade pretty much makes it. Plus, do you know when you buy a bag from Lily Jade your buying for a cause. Why? Lily Jade has partnered with Embrace Grace. Embrace Grace help's provide resources for all women who have unplanned pregnancies. Lily Jade purchases also help families who adopt as well. Supporting those families, through things like their popular giveaways.

Lily Jade is one of the greatest diaper bag brands ever. I can remember four years back doing my research coming across Lily Jade; I always envisioned one day I would have. So being able to team up with them for this blog post is nothing short of a blessing. For review, I received Lily Jade's most "popular bag" Madeline Brandy in sliver. The bag was so beautiful. I had been tracking it for days so pulling it out the box was a dream come true. The color, the straps, and zipper even the smell was all so perfect. Here's a little overview of my bag:


  • Rich brandy color.
  • Premium grain leather.
  • Leather tassel with logo.
  • 12"(H) x 6.25 (W) x 14.5" (L)
  • Coverts from carrier to backpack (I prefer the backpack & straps are adjustable)
  • 4 large exterior pockets. (Great for fitting an iPhone inside)
  • Lined with Jade lining.
  • 12 pocket organizer (amazing for moms of multiples.)
  • Changing pad.
  • Zippered pockets.

This bag is insane and I am so extremely happy it's mine! It is great for toting around my stuff, plus the girls stuff too. Ivy told me "mommy your purse is pretty." It is not heavy and fits everything perfectly. I'd recommend it a million times to all mamas. Below I have attached the height chart + different ways to wear it (via Lily Jade website). 

Thank you, Lily Jade, for my diaper bag!

You can check out all things Lily Jade HERE.
You can buy my diaper bag HERE.
(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Lily Jade.)

Lily Jade


  1. Such a great post, this diaper bag looks great- doesn’t sacrifice style for size, love that!