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Little doughnut date.

Hi guys
A few weekends ago I got up and was to lazy to make breakfast for the girls. Sue me. I went through the kitchen trying to find something simple like cereal or a pop tart but couldn't find anything quick and easy.

By this time both of my girls we're up giving me the where's breakfast mommy look. Still tired I decide to pack the girls in the car and head down to one of our favorite neighborhood doughnut shops.  So doughnuts it was for breakfast. I let the girls pick out their own doughnuts and juice. We sat down for abut a half hour and just ate, talked and laughed in our pajamas.

It was nothing over the top, nothing planned and nothing fancy but we still had a good time. I enjoy dating my toddlers and spending quality time with them even if it's just eating doughnuts on a Saturday morning with my girls. 

I love you Ivy & Ari.


  1. Spontaneous outings like these are the best! Those donuts look amazing!

  2. Aw this is so cute! Sometimes the unplanned dates are the best!

  3. Those sweet simple dates are some of the best and hold the most memories.

  4. That’s my kind of breakfast!!