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Nuby silicone bib.

Hi guys!
food on the floor! 
food in the air!
food in their hair!
food in the chair!
what does this sound like to you? a food fight at a jr high school? Hmm. No, not exactly more like a toddler eating dinner!

I am so glad and so happy I have found the new perfect bib for my messy little eater. I love Aria, she's my baby girl but, oh boy is she messy when she eats. Let's be honest what toddler isn't? But now with Nuby and Aria's 3D silicone bib things are getting a little bit easier for both mama and baby.

The Nuby 3D silicone bib is one great bib! Made for little ones 6 months and up it is perfect for those crazy messes. It's made of soft silicone and with its scoop at the bottom catches all the food our little's one drop. So that's less of a mess for us mom's to clean. With the 3D bib being really easy to clean and rolling up to fit right in your diaper bag this bib fits all the needs for the mommy's on the go!

I loved this bib and Aria did too! she thought the little animal was cute. The bib caught a ton of food, and I didn't have to worry about a giant clean up afterword's. Nuby 3D silicone bib comes in 3 different colors, are BPA free and you can find them at many major retailers. Mamas looking for a bib. Stop! this is the bib for you.

Thank you Nuby for our 3D Silicone bib!
You can check out Nuby 3D Silicone bib HERE.
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Picture of On-the-Go 3D Silicone Feeding Bib


  1. Bib too perfect especially for that spaghetti that no matter how old they get still seems to get everywhere lol

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