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Our first time strawberry picking.

Hi guys!
How was your week? mine was super busy! Over the last week my family and I we're out and about the entire time. From Ivy's preschool promotion (read about it here.) and everything in between, things we're a little crazy. So last Saturday my husband and I took our girls outside of the city to get away for a little bit.

We went strawberry picking for the first time! Yes it was so much fun. I have always wanted to go and none of us had ever been before, so I was pretty excited we got to do this together. So I did some research prior and find us a location.

I choose a place by the name of Pacific Star Gardens (check them out here). Located in Woodland, California the drive was only about 32 minutes from us. The drive was easy and the scenery was beautiful. The farm was very easy to find and quite. We pulled into their dirt road parking lot with lots of shade.

The girls had no idea what we we're doing, so once we pulled up I told them we we're going to pick strawberries. They we're super happy, if you know my kids you know they love strawberries. Once we got out the car, we walked into a little area with signs that explained what to do. The farm is a U-pick farm so the owners are not always there on hand. So we found the little signs on what to do pretty helpful. 

We grabbed buckets and some bags, that go inside of the buckets to keep them clean for the girls. Dayjhan and I shared a bucket. Once we got out there the girls we're so excited they started walking through the field pointing and picking strawberries. "It's a baby strawberry!", they kept saying whenever they saw tiny ones.

 Dayjhan found the best ones hiding underneath leaves they were so big a juicy. We spent about a hour out there before we weighed them, paid and went home. On the way home we stopped at Sonic for ice cream.

Even though the day was short it was so much fun. I really enjoy every single moment together I spend with them. I sure do love making memories this little family of mine.


  1. I loved strawberry picking when I was younger. We weren't supposed to eat them as we picked, but we still did, and they tasted so much better than store-bought strawberries. I can't wait to take my son when he gets older.

  2. I want to go pick berries! You guys look like you had such a good time