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Road must haves with toddlers.

Hi guys!
So as you all know a little while ago me and my girls took a road trip to San Francisco. The ride was about a hour and a half long and it was just me and them until I picked up one of my best friends for the last 30 minutes of the ride. Obviously driving I did not have time to take any photos of the girls in the car or anything that I packed. But I still wanted to write a post for you guys about what I brought on my road trip with toddlers.

1. Bumkins snack bags: These are amazing, because you can easily store snacks inside of them and they zip up. They're reusable so I did not need to bring any sandwich bags for snacks. Plus the girls loved having their own cute little snack bags.

2. Honey nut cheerios: Quick, easy and health yummy snack for the start of the road trip. 

3. Goldfish crackers: My girl are gold fish freaks. They love them and would eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner if I let them. Goldfish are great snacks for road trips because they fill your toddler up when you cant make any stops for food.

4. Motts fruit snacks: The girls love these, not gonna lie I probably snuck a few in myself. 

5. Nia Ballerina back pack: I mean obviously you can take any backpack you want, but I found my Nia ballerina back pack great for us. It's small enough for me to lug around, yet spacious enough for me to fit a extra pair of clothes, Ivy's undies and my wallet into.

6. Pull ups: currently we are a month in a half into potty training Aria and while shes doing good, of course she still has accidents so I had to keep some pull ups on hand.

7. iPads: The girls both have iPads which I made sure were 100% charged for the trip. These kept them busy for most of the drive. Can you say lifesaver?

8. Nomi & Sib labels: While traveling, kids always loose things like sippy cups so its great to have the personalized Nomi & Sib labels to identify their cups.

9. Replay Recycled cups: Toddlers get so wild, we all know this so having our favorite non leak cups from Replay on hand made sure no sticky messes occurred. 

10. Gracco Ready2Grow double stroller: Going to a city like San Francisco it's really crowded and busy. Everybody is in a hurry and on the go so I found that having my double stroller makes it really easy with two toddlers to maneuver and move fast.

Now there were some things I did not bring that I wish I had brought like coloring books/color crayons, and blankets. But I will defiantly remember that for next time we take a road trip. What do you bring on a road trip with your little's? 


  1. Honey Nut Cheerios is such a great snack idea! And you can eat it for breakfast once you get to your destination. We're taking a road trip to the beach next month, so I'll definitely be using some of these tips.

  2. Great things to pack !
    My little guy isn’t a big snacker but loves Cheerios!

  3. We have a two hour car ride and a flight so these will all come in super handy.