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10 things moms cant live without.

Hi guys!
In today's post I thought it would be funny to create a hilarious list of 10 things mom cant live without. Why? because as moms we are literally super duper heroes man. And even super heroes have hings they cant live without right? Bat man without flying? spider man without his webs, hulk without ripping his t shirt open okay not good examples but I painted the picture for you, so you know what I mean. Any who so here is my list of things mom cant live without.

  1. Cuss words ( I don't have to f*ucking explain this one.)
      2. Coffee (preferably Starbucks.)

      3. Wine ( this one doesn't apply to me because I don't drink wine but I know a lot moms do.) 

      4. Bathrooms w/ locked doors (because that's the only alone time we get.)

      5. Target ( it's a moms heaven on earth.)

      6. Yoga/Sweat pants (because we don't get dressed anymore, we moms.)

      7. Camera (because who else is going to capture those precious moments of our little's?) 

      8. The 3 count (I cant tell you how man times Ivy has got her act right after I said 1..2.) 

      9. Imagination (Little ones at some point they'll want you to play pretend something with em)  

      10. Dad ( even though I hate to admit it when you need a break there willing to take the kids of                            your hands.)

If I forgot anything feel free to leave a comment below. No excuses me while I go hide from my kids.

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