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4th of ju-girls day.

Hi guys!
We have passed the 4th of July holiday and I cant even express to you how happy I am that the day is over and done with. 4th of July has never been and never will be one of my favorite holidays. Spending the quality time with my family is awesome but the fireworks hmm.. not so awesome.

Every year we have a family tradition. What we do is head to the lake and have a huge BBQ, the kids play in the water, the grown ups catch up, food is cooking it's a great time. Then we head to my dad's place for a pretty cool firework show. I was really looking forward to it this year, however things changed. The night before 4th of July my dad sent me a text saying this year it wasn't happening. Needless to say it was super last minute, but it was okay because this mama was determined to still have a good hoilday.

The morning of the 4th the girls and I got dress in our classic Old Navy tees and blue jean shorts. "Where are we going?" Ivy asked me. I figured it out, we would have a low key day just us girls. My kids HATE fireworks and that's a understatement. They absolutely despise them.. wont even hold a sparkler. Which as I said before is totally fine by me because I to share the same feelings about fireworks, so it worked out. So I crossed that one off the list. No fireworks! So what we will do? I put the girls in the car and headed to Fire House Subs where all 3 of us had a kids meal. I wasn't that hungry so I figured a kids meal would fill me up and it did. Fire House Subs is pretty neat it's a  Fire Fighter themed restaurant and they even give the kids a cute little hat to wear. After eating we headed to Mcdonald's where we ice cream that we could enjoy for our next stop. The park!

When we got to the park the girls had a great time swinging and playing together, checking out the ducks. While the girls were playing a furry little black dog ran up to them. He wanted to play and at first I was weary, because hello! stray dog, but he was sweet. They chased him around and played with him even named him "Staffy". Unfortunately Staffy who's name was actually Cash had a owner, who eventually pulled up to the park and took him back home.

The girls were kinda bummed, which was short lived after Aria peed her shorts and I realized I had no extra ones. Park time was over, time to go home. But the girls weren't ready to go home so we headed to Target where I bought Aria new shorts of course, a few random groceries and a toy for the girls.

Ivy helping her pissy sister pick out new shorts in target.

Finally we were home. I gave the girls a bath, they played with their new toys, we baked a Target pizza for dinner and flipped on the TV for Shreks Halloween on Netflix (ha yes Halloween on 4th Of July..) to keep their mind off the loud fireworks going on in the neighborhood.

When I went to go wash the dishes I came back to the room and the girls were asleep. My heart was officially full. While the day was unplanned, exhausting, and a little out of the ordinary.. but I am so glad I got to spend the day just with my best friends. I hope everybody had a great holiday.

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