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Aria's potty training (update).

Hi guys!
Happy Friday! It has been a few months since my first post when we started potty training Aria back in January (read my late post published in March here). Since then Aria has been doing so good with potty training. I just wanted to share a quick update with you guys.

-Aria has been potty training for roughly 5-6 months now.

-Does not wear diapers, only at night. (though I think we are about to do anyway with those. & yes I am very sacred of the thought).

-We did buy little swimmers for the summer.

-Has had a hand full of accidents at home (which is normal).

-Has had 1 accident in public (we went to get Chinese and she couldn't hold it in).

-She does let us know when she has to pee 98.9% of the time (we are still working on poo).

So there's a quick update. By the end of the summer I am thinking we will have this kid fully potty trained :)

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  1. Thats really good! hope by the end of the summer she is fully trained!