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How I started my blog (7 easy steps).

Hi guys!
Ever since I started my blog in November 2017 I have got a ton of messages asking me "how did you start your blog?" Starting a blog isn't the easiest thing to do but totally rewarding. My little online home where I keep my thoughts and photos. My blog is very special to me. I hope once you guys read this blog post it will help you be able to start your own blog too. In the few short months, I've had my blog it has been really taking off. I feel really lucky and really very proud of my little space on the internet. I have made so many new mommy blogging friends, I have got to review some amazing products, and I have made really good money doing so. I have a million more post I wanna publish in my drafts for you all. But before I move forward I have decided to blog about the question everyone has been asking... 
"Porsha, how did you start a blog?"
There is no right or wrong way to start a blog.. you kind of just do it. Some people start their blog for free stuff, some to make money, some for fun or because they're passionate. Whatever the reason is today I am here to give you my 7 steps on exactly how I started my blog. 

1. Love what you do: I honestly love blogging. Ever since I was little I have enjoyed writing. As long as you enjoy writing blogging will be easy and fun for you. 

2. Find your host: A host is basically a website that holds your blog space. For example, I choose to start my blog with blogger. There are a bunch of host out there such a WordPress, Wix, Tumbler etc but for me I wanted Blogger. It is the easiest to use in my opinion. 

3. Think of a name/Create email: Once you find a spot to host your site it's important to have a catchy name something unique that people will remember and nobody else has. My blog's name is Porsha Carr because it's all about my life and yes that is my real name. I get asked that a lot and I've heard all the "Porsha Carr" jokes. So once you have a name create a custom email for it. That way when you do business you'll have your own professional sounding email. 

4. Buy a domain: A domain is the name of your own site to put it in simple terms. For example, my domain name is PorshaCarrBlog, therefore my domain is without a domain my website would have been which I feel is less personal. My domain was really cheap, only $12.00 a year.

5. Buy a Template: Most blog host gives you the option to set up your page without a template. Such as the colors, font etc. But it's sort of plain. I purchased a really cute and cheap template from Etsy for $5.00 then I changed the colors of it and made it my own. I also purchased my own logo for a few bucks too. Personalizing your page is key. 

6. Write an Introduction post & a few extras: Once I was done with everything above I typed up a small introduction post introducing myself to everyone (read it here). Then I typed up about 2-3 post and left them in my drafts so I can have a few things to post once my blog started getting some traffic. I like to stay ready if you can't tell.

7. Introduce your blog to the world: Once my blog was all ready, I told a few close friends and family to check it out first. I asked them to give me their honest onions so I can know what to improve on or fix. A few days later I then introduced my blog to the whole world via Instagram & Pinterest and Youtube.

That's all :) these are the exact steps I took when I started my blog, eventually, I am also going to write about some other tips I have for blogging but for today I'll leave you guys with these. Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Happy blogging! :)

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