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Jump around.

Hi guys!
last weekend we attended a very special 4th birthday party for my husbands god brothers. Twins Tavarez and Antavyon. The party was such a good time and we got to see a few family members that we normally don't see. 

The party was for the twins at a place called Sky Zone In Rocklin, CA (check it out here). It is basically a giant place with a ton of  trampolines for the kiddos. At Sky Zone they have everything from foam pits (which the girls loved) to basketball courts, a warped wall and more. They even had really nice massage chairs for the grownups that me and Dayjhan took full advantage of.

Once we got to Sky Zone they gave the kids special non slip socks and name tags with the party time on them. After going over all the rules with them they we're then free to jump around, literally. The rules are one kid to a trampoline square, often Ivy and Aria would share a square for a second by accident and both end up falling down, but they just giggled it off. 

After a while of jumping up and down over and over the girls ventured off to the foam pit. It was there they got lost in a ton of foam blocks. there was so many blocks they could barley move around. They looked so tiny in that giant pit, it was so cute.

Once all the jumping was done we moved into the party room which was super hero themed where everything was set up for the kids to have pizza and cake and ice cream. During that time they enjoined a mini movie put together by the Sky Zone team and even got to meet a special guest, the Black Panther himself. This was last weekend and Ivy is still bragging about how she met him. What a memorable day :)

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