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KNIB (June).

Hi guys!
What is one thing most of us like to do during the summer time? That's right! Camping. Ah the smell of the woods, the BBQ grilling, all of the beautiful hiking trails, stories by the camp fire. I can go on and on all day, camping is so much fun. But this summer we are a little bit busy, so while I can't promise my kids a camping trip this year, I can promise them one with the June Kids Night In Box. 

This month's KNIB is all about the joys of camping with your little ones right at home. This box was really cool and despite the fact that our mail man stuffed our box so tight in the mail I thought I'd never get it out, and it ripped. It was still loads of fun so let's get started shall we?

This KNIB had a few delicious summer time family fun recipes. Things like homemade lemonade and pigs in a blanket. We did not get a chance to make any of those but I am defiantly going to keep them in mind for the future.

this month my niece Parisah joined us in the fun. So she started off by reading a book to Ivy and Ari entitled "Tiny Goes Camping". Without relieving to much of the book Tiny the not so tiny dog goes camping with his friends. In the wondrous adventure in the woods Tiny and his friends do everything from camp games to camp songs and everything in between. The book was so cute. You could tell by the cover it was going to be a great one.

Next we did something we have never ever done before. We created our very own solar oven. With help from the directions in our KNIB box we lined the entire box with aluminum foil. Then we found the sunniest spot in the yard we could to preheat our oven. When things got heated up the kiddos and I were able to cook our s'mores. It was so delicious they loved it. Although my niece made the only  s'more that actually looked like a s'more :)

(Remember to always be careful and use caution when using the oven.)

We then used crafts to create our very own harmonicas. This was a little challenging and the kids wanted to help more than they actually could but they came out nice and they actually made a sound when we blew them. Aria had a good time with this.

Towards the end of our box we got to build our very own camp binoculars! Ivy really loves binoculars so she liked this a lot. They were so cute and bright. Once we were done making our binoculars we then went exploring for a scavenger hunt! We searched high and low for things like rocks, birds, grass and even different colors and objects. When the girls we're done I rewarded with some neat camper stickers. This box was a wild good time!

This will be my very last time writing for KNIB at least for now who know what the future holds. I just wanted to say Thank you to the entire KNIB family for making my family apart of theirs. You guys rock and I will forever be greatful for these last few months with you. Thank you.

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Thank you Kids Night In Box for our box!
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(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)

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  1. This is such a cool box! I love that it came with s’mores ingredients, because what’s camping without that -right?