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Mom on a Budget: 5 minute healthy Popsicle's for toddlers.

Hi guys!
It's heating up out there! we are only days into the summer and the heat is not playing any games. We need to keep cool with some cool treats right? So in today's blog post I bring you a segment from "mom on a budget". Today we are making 5 minute healthy Popsicle's for toddlers. (Disclaimer) while the Popsicle's only take 5 minutes to take they do take about a hour to a hour in a half to freeze, so lets get started!

These Popsicle's are extremely easy to make, pretty healthy for little ones for the most part and they only take 5 minutes. This is what you'll need:

-Popsicle molds.
-Fresh strawberries.
-Coconut water.

Step 1: Mom/dad cut up all the fresh strawberries into slightly thin slices.

Step 2: Pour your coconut water about half way in the Popsicle mold (buy my Popsicle molds hereand add some strawberries. Repeat until mold is full. You may have to mix around the strawberries with a spoon to get them to spread out.

Step 3: Freeze for a hour to a hour in a half and bam! You're done!

These are so great for the summer and I cannot stress enough how easy they are to make. If your kids make them or you have any easy suggestions let me know in the comment section :) until then stay cool!


  1. These look so good and best of all they are simple to make !

  2. Did your kids like coconut water?? I never tried it with my girls.

    1. They like it! It taste almost like water so you cant really tell the difference.

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