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"Mommy can I say stupid?".

Hi guys!
Last week my girls and I decided to take a trip to Target to buy them some new sandals. They were having a really good sale I couldn't pass up. I took the girls out of their car seat and put them in the shopping cart. Rolling through the parking lot I realized that we had a bad cart. You know it was scrubbing and making super loud noises. So once in the store I decided to trade out the carts for a new one. 

"This cart is stupid! let's get a new one." I said to the girls. Aria paid no attention to what I said. Ivy on the other hand looked right at me and said "mommy can I say stupid too?". I looked right back at her and realized what I had just did. Without even knowing I had called the cart stupid right in front of her. I mean in my defense it was stupid and there's a million other "bad" words I could of used. Never the less here I was standing in Target with my 4 year old asking if it was okay she use the word "stupid".

"No" I told her. "That's not a nice word to say and mommy said it out of frustration, so don't say that word." She just stared at me. Now at this point I thought she was going to pull a typical toddler move and challenge me by saying something like "well you said it..why cant I?". But she didn't. She didn't say anything but "k". I was able to breath a sign of relief, because that day I didn't have to argue with my toddler. But on the other hand this just makes me realize how fast Ivy is growing and how I really need to watch what I say in front of  both my girls.

Are your toddlers sponges too?


  1. I know I'm guilty of this and like most toddlers Lennox live for the moment one is slip up and say a bad word so she can too....everyday is a chance to learn and grow as parents

  2. It’s crazy all the things that children pick up, we really have to be aware of the example we set! So glad Ivy responded well !