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Our family's San Francisco trip.

Hi guys!
Today I wanted to share two special things with you my 200th blog post! and a special day I had with my family last week with you all. I am so freaking excited you guys have been with me for 200 post how cool is that? But lets just right into my trip shall we? Dayjhan and I decide we wanted to getaway with our girls, just the 4 of us. A day away from the heat and Sacramento, and we did just that.

Baker Beach. So beautiful.

Around 11:30 AM we packed our truck and girls and we were off to spend the day in the bay. Before we officially got on the road we made a quick stop at Subways to grab sandwiches for lunch. The night before the girls nani (Dayjhan's mom) dropped off some bag lunches for the girls, so they were already set for lunch. Once we got on the freeway the ride was pretty nice, there were moments where we had bits of traffic but nothing that lasted for more than a few minutes. The girls got restless during the long half hour ride but eventually they took a nap.

We arrived in San Francisco with our first stop being Baker Beach. After circling the parking lot twice we found a spot. Funny moment here, we actually thought we could put all our bags in our stroller and push it through the sandy beach.. ha..nope total fail. Hey you live a learn right? Once we carried all our bags down to the beach we laid our blankets out and the girls wasted no time breaking out their new sand toys from target. They had a good time making castles together.

After the beach we headed to Pier 39 where we changed into warmer clothes and got our next adventure started. We walked down the pier watching different performers perform. Ivy even gave one of the a quarter to dance.  Heading further down the pier the girls got to see some sleepy seals, they had so many questions about the seals. My tiny animal lovers,. The girls then found a cute little bubble machine and spent a long time trying to catch the bubbles and even playing with the pinwheels. A little later we ended up in a candy store to buy some sweets for this mamas sweet tooth, the cashier even let Ivy and Ari taste test some ice cream flavors for free.

At the end of the day we ended our day with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (side note: we wanted to go to rain forest cafe but they closed down back in October. Yep we were shocked too.) Dinner at Hard Rock was nice and once we we're done we said good bye to the bay area and headed home.

This day alone with our family was much needed. Sometimes you just need a quite moment away from all the chaos to realize how thankful you really are for what you have, this was ours.

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