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55 positive things to say to your kids.

Hi guys!
As adults we love complements right? We love being encouraged and being told positive things about ourselves. So why not do the same for our children? Below are 55 positive things to say to your kids. I've even added in some things I say to my girls (read more about that here). I've also added a few fun photos of my husband and I playing with the girls and my nieces. Enjoy my list below and always remember a positive kid is a happy one.

1. You're my favorite "insert your child's name here". (this is my personal favorite one)
2. There is nobody like you.
3. You are so special.
4. You make me so happy.
5. You are beautiful.
6. I love your smile.
7. You're the best.
8. You're the greatest.
9. You rock!
10. You're a rock star.
11. You're a great part of our family.
12. You give the best hugs.
13. You make me laugh.
14. You are so funny.
15. You are my princess/prince.
16. I love the way you share.
17. You are so smart.
18. You make the world better.
19. You are so kind.
20. You are precious.
21. The sky is the limit for you.
22. Have a good day.
23. You light up the room.
24. You're a star. 
25. You are enough.
26. I believe in you.
27. You are very important.
28. You are loved.
29. I am listening to you.
30. You are intelligent.
32. Love yourself. 
33. I love your ideas.
34. I love being your mom/dad.
35. You ask great questions.
36. You are awesome.
37. You are spectacular. 
38. You can be whatever you want to be.
39 You make my day.
40. Let's try it your way.
41. You did that so well.
42. You make me so proud. 
43. You are priceless. 
44. You make me better.
45. You are so brave/fearless.
46. You're a big girl/boy.
47. You we're right. 
48. I love spending time with you.
49. Tell me all about it.
50. You are very helpful.
51. You will change the world. 
52. You can do it/ you got this.
53. You are magical.
54. I will never stop loving you.
55. I love you.

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