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California State Fair Fun.

Hi guys!
What did you do this past weekend? well me and family took a trip to the California State fair. The California State Fair comes around once a year every summer for a few weeks. There are rides, game and the best but not so healthy foods ever. I remember when I was a little girl my parents taking me to the fair. I don't remember much but I remember bright lights, balloons and winning my first gold fish that I named Goldie. Yep the fair holds some pretty good memories and this weekend I got to make my own with my kids.

This pass Saturday was yet another big day for Ivy (see her other two big days here & here). She got to perform at the California State Fair with her dance school, which was actually the entire reason why we visited the fair in the first place. We we're running a little late once we got out the house, so once we parked and got all of our things out the car we raced to the front gates. The lines to get in we're super long and it was totally hot a whopping 104 was the high that day. Lucky for us we had a stroller so we got to skip the lines. We got Ivy to the stage with only 5 minute to spare before show time. Ivy killed not one but two performances! With such a bug crowd I'll admit I was nervous, but I never once doubted her ability as a dancer. She was amazing I can't say it enough.

Once Ivy's performances we're done we purchased a few tickets for the kiddos to ride a few things. We had only planned to be at the fair for an hour or two but about 15 kiddy rides and almost 9 hours later we we're still there. Ivy and Aria wanted to ride so many things we actually ran out of tickets and their Nani (grandma) bought them some more. They rode a bunch of things together and my 8 year old niece Parisah was there too, so the rides Aria couldn't get on with Ivy Parisah rode. Even me and my husband had to jump on a few rides that Ivy needed an adult for. Let me tell you... I rode a pink elephant I'm a real girl mom.

I love her little face in this photo.

In between riding everything was one of the best parts of the fair. The! Food! I mean honestly the food is the best part. There we're so many options to choose from that my husband actually came to me and said "I cant choose what I want to eat." Funny right? I ended up eating sweet pork fries and only like 10 cups of different types of lemonade. My other niece Precious had the biggest turkey leg I ever seen, while Ivy and Aria had bacon wrapped grilled chicken and my husband ended up with nacho fries. Then we all split a strawberry funnel cake. Did I mention the snow-cones, cotton candy, pickles and corn dogs? Yeah our tummy's we're very happy.

Believe it or not, my niece never had a funnel cake in her life.

Somewhere in between all of this the kids go to see a few farm animals and play some games for prizes.

That stare down though.

This was our first trip to the fair as a family of 4 and I hope it's something our daughters will remember a little bit of as they grow older.

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