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Daddy's girl.

Hi guys!
When Ivy was born she was immediately a mama's girl. Without a doubt or question, she was my girl. Ivy is now four years old and still the biggest mama's girl ever. So naturally, when Aria was born I thought, of course, she would be like her sister. I was wrong. 

From the day that Aria was born, she was completely a daddy's girl. Her favorite person in the world was and still is her daddy.

I'll admit I had such a hard time dealing with this for a while. I mean of course I want my girls to love their daddy just as much as they love their mama but geez, I was jealous. Actually, I still am, I totally gotta admit that. 

But the way Aria looks at her daddy, interacts with him, hugs him, cries for him... it's the sweetest thing. Seeing her with him sometimes reminds me of me and my own dad when I was that tiny. At the end of the day, Ivy is a mama's girl, Aria is a daddy's girl but we're all one family and we share all the love. I love them. Thanks for listening to me vent guys. 

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