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DYI toddler cactus pet rocks.

Hi guys!
So it's no secret that these days cactus's and all things cactus's are totally in style right now. They are everything and people are loving them. I am not one to typically follow trends but I have to admit I have one at my desk at work and I just recently bought a cute little dinner plate with a cactus on it. So with the mini obsession with cactu's, I decided to look up some kid crafts involving them. That is when I came across DYI toddler cactus pet rocks.

This is a pretty quick and easy toddler craft, it cost around $6 and I got all of my supplies from Michael's craft store. For this you will need the following:

-A tiny pot.
-1 Tube of green paint.
-1 Tube of white paint.
-1 Bag of googly eyes.
-1 Pain Brush.

1. First, grab your brushes and paint your rock With one of the green paints, it does not matter which one. I grabbed two different colors so my girl's rocks wouldn't look the same. 

2. Take your white paint and paint tiny little spines. This was a challenge working with toddlers. They do not paint anything"tiny". So our spines came out pretty big, but that's okay. 

3.  Let the rocks dry.

4. While the rocks are drying grab your pot and add pieces of grass into it, you don't have to do this step but it makes the rock look super cute once inside the pot. 

5.  Now your rocks are dry so grab your glue. I used a hot glue gun. I glued the eyes to the rocks as the girls watched from a safe distance. 

6. When that's done add your cactus to its pot and congrats you own have a new pet cactus rock. 

(optional last step)
  Seal your rock, I learned this from a good friend of mine name Mari. Sealing the rock helps the paint to last longer. I did not do this part but it totally up to you.

In the end, Ivy ended up saying her rock was "ugly" and tossed it back in the grass, Aria however still has hers and calls it her baby.

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